Civil engineering basically deals with planning, design, estimation and construction of infrastructures like highways railways, harbors, bridges, tunnels, water supply system, waste water treatment plants, irrigation system, hydraulic structures like dam, weir, barrage, canals etc. Civil engineers also deals with environmental aspects. Job opportunities can be basically divided into two categories:

  • Office job-: This includes tendering, estimation of project cost, planning, design, using different design software.
  • Site-: Site job deals with construction, practice, preparing playout etc.

Job opportunities are available in different sectors like consultant, planner, designer, site engineers, surveyor, project manager etc. Job opportunities are available in government as well as private sectors.

Material Testing Lab

This Lab is well equipped with almost all type of equipments required to test Quality Control Test & Civil Engg. Materials such as Brick, Stone, Aggregate Lime & Steel, etc.

Soil Mechanics Lab

This Lab is well equipped with digital apparatus for testing of soil properties such as Tri-axial Shear test, Box shear test, consolidation test, swell pressure test & Plate coaxial test, etc.

Hydraulics Lab

This lab is also equipped with all types of apparatus to conduct experiments on Water & Oil.


Department is also having well equipped lab to conduct quality control test of Water.

Survey Lab

This lab is common to both Civil Engg. & Mining Engg. Departments and it is having almost all types of survey equipment including digital Theodolite.

Transportation Lab

This lab is having almost all types of equipment & machinery required to Quality control test including Bitumen & Tar. This lab contain Marshel Stability test apparatus & Core cutting machine to collect core of concrete WBM & Black Top Road